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Binary Options?

What is it?

A trade on Binary Options is basically a bet: either, the selected asset (like EUR/USD) will rise or go down in a defined timespan.

When your bet was right, you'll earn 68% - 79% of your investment. A 100$ trade will result in 170$ profit. If not, you'll lose the investment.

What is a Signal?

We are offering Signals like "CALL EUR/USD 1.3586". This signal tells you:

  • place a CALL (means rising) trade on EUR/USD
  • Enter near 1.3586 - the value EUR/USD should reach
  • Set the expiry time for the trade to 5mins - our standard

So with us, you will win much more trades than before and increase your profit to new limits!

What are you trading on?

We are currently trading on the most reliable and stable currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, YEN) as well as Gold and Silver. All our signals are for 5 minutes.

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Don't compare those signals to the free ones - because Lasertrade is only providing working signals. Thanks!Chris M.
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